Bakers Row

A former bread factory gives rise to an adaptive reuse with sleek, modern office space.

Initially pitched as the site for Birmingham’s downtown ballpark, Bakers Row became a prime piece of real estate due to its proximity to Railroad Park and Regions Field – two assets that have become catalysts for downtown’s growth. The main building, constructed in the early 1940’s, was used as a commercial baking facility up until it closed in 2013. Its distinct architectural style and anchor position along the western edge of Railroad Park made for a perfect adaptive reuse development opportunity. Corporate Realty developed the property while allowing Birmingham’s downtown community to see beyond the façade of an old building into a future full of beautiful possibilities.

The main building is now 30,000+ square feet of sleek, modern office space that offers natural lighting and open floor plans. The Bakers Row development brought new life into a building that may have otherwise been abandoned and left to deteriorate. This type of development aids in land preservation and is a sustainable option to reclaim sites which are not currently positioned for their highest and best use. Features often found in older factories like “sawtooth glass” windows were kept intact to preserve the character of the former bakery.

$6.6 Million
Corporate Realty Development, LIV Development
KPS Group, Inc.
Murray Building Company
Adaptive Re-use, Developer, Landlord Representation, Property Management
It's extremely gratifying to help take something old and make it new again. Bakers Row was one of those great projects, but it's an even better place to be able to come to work every day. Becky Carpenter Development Project Manager




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