We prefer a holistic approach to projects - by including experts in multiple disciplines, we are able to create better solutions. Robert Simon Chief Executive Officer

Robert Simon

Chief Executive Officer 205.503.4433 vCard

Brian Wolfe, CCIM

Chief Development Officer 205.503.4435 vCard

Jimmy Holloway

President 205.503.4431 vCard

Ryan Robertson

Chief Operating Officer 205.503.4426 vCard

Christy Roddy

Chief Strategy Officer 205.503.4450 vCard

Andrew Folmar

Chief Financial Officer 205.503.4438 vCard

Kevin Perkins

Director of Operations 205.503.4440 vCard

Doug Jeffords

Chief Construction Officer 205.503.4429 vCard

Greg Harris

Senior Director of Construction 205.503.4422 vCard

Cindy Nelson

Director of Construction 205.503.4443 vCard

Emily Byrd

Brokerage & Client Relations 205.503.4434 vCard

Carolyn Foster

Senior Accountant 205.503.4420 vCard

Matthew Smith

Development Manager 205.503.4444 vCard

Ryan White

Property Manager 205.503.4421 vCard

Bella Graphos

Account Representative 205.503.4428 vCard

Chris Dugas

Assistant Project Manager 205.503.4425 vCard

Sophie Schottenstein

Marketing Coordinator 205.503.4437 vCard

Montana Sanders

Administrative Assistant 205.503.4439 vCard

Carol Clarke

Brokerage & Community Engagement 205.585.5151 vCard